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fine flickering hungers (annex)

Alessia Brio
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Alessia Brio is the sultry erotica-writing alter ego of an Appalachian soccer mom. She is "sensual, succulent, and satisfying" even when her creator feels like a hairy warthog. Alessia's first sale, a single-author anthology of erotic fiction & poetry entitled fine flickering hungers, won the 2007 EPPIE Award for Best Erotica.</font>

In addition to her Phaze publications, Alessia's work appears at Tit-Elation, Oysters & Chocolate, Ruthie's Club, and Literotica. She has won an honorable mention in two of Desdmona's erotic writing contests: Stiletto Flash and Titillating Tattoo. Her & Will Belegon's Surge HeatSheet, Switch, won the 2006 Preditors & Editors Readers' poll for best short story. At Literotica, Alessia was nominated as Most Influential Poet (2004) and Most Influential Writer (2005, 2006) under the nickname "impressive."

Alessia's altruistic personality makes her well-suited as editor of the Coming Together anthologies, collections of erotic fiction & poetry that benefit various charities.

Ms. Brio lives in the mountains near Pittsburgh and is barefoot as much as life allows. She has an obsessive aversion to "to be" verbs in her prose and gets aroused by creative enjambment in her poetry. Her fetishes include SuDoku, rare steak, stainless steel, and office supplies.

Readers can visit Alessia online via her website, blog, and/or MySpace.